Chuck Young, the owner of Civano Web Design, has been doing SEO (search engine optimization) for our website since October of 2012. Chuck is very methodical in his approach to researching the competition, adding meta data and editing content. He has given us great advice on how to better organize our content and what additional content needs to be added so that it looks great to the search engines and clients.

Due to his work on our website, our page rankings have greatly improved on all the services we offer and we have seen an increase in traffic and in the number of unique visits to our website. When a new client comes to the office we always ask how they heard of us. More and more we are getting responses such as, "I did an internet search and your website came up."  Or "I Googled "Juvederm" and your website came up.  " We know Chuck's endeavors are working! An added bonus is that his prices are very reasonable.

In closing, we give Chuck and Civano Website Design our highest recommendation. You will get results and new clients.

~  Pam, Greenspring Rejuvenation Medspa